Direct Debits

Just log in to view Direct Debits that are set up on your account and any that have been cancelled. You can also click on the "View More" button for more detailed information on your Direct Debit.

Example Direct Debit screens

Enhanced Security

What this means is that whenever a new Direct Debit is set up on your account we will text you to let you know. In order that we know it is genuine, you just need to type in a four digit code to your login section. We will text you this code.

SMS Alerts

What we tell you and when

We will text you to let you know if there is not enough money in your billing account to pay a Direct Debit that's due that day. We will keep trying to pay the bill right up until 5pm so you will have all day to deposit cleared funds into the account.


Remember, we don't charge for our text alerts helping you keep in control of your money for no extra charge.


Another great feature of our Direct Debits is that you can tell us which ones are more important by prioritising them. If we have two invoices to pay for you on the same day and there is only enough money in your account to pay one of them, we will pay the one that you have told us is more important. You can manage this feature using your online account, or our customer services team are happy to help.

How to set up a Standing Order on your account

In order to set up a Standing Order on your account you'll need the sort code and account number of the organisation you're paying. Sometimes they'll also require you to have a reference number