Account Manager

You can talk directly to your experienced account manager, they are available to help you manage your account. They'll help take the stress out of paying those invoices. Simply tell your advisor what needs to be paid and they'll do the rest. They can also set up all the necessary direct debits and regular payments from your account and help you manage your invoices.

Pay in at a bank

We've teamed up with a leading high street bank to allow you to pay in cash and cheques at any of their branches. All you have to do is take your cash and cheques to your nearest Barclays branch and pay in using your pre-printed GIRO. Cheques paid in at Barclays branch will be subject to 4 business days clearing times.

Poor Credit History?

No one should be excluded or pre-judged when it comes to personal finance.

We won't turn a business away due to any aspect of your previous personal financial history. We understand that managing a business is challenging without a proper current account and that is where we can help.


We will not need to carry out any credit checks, all we need to do is verify your identity and residency. Acorn Account provides a hassle free managed account facility. We can help to ensure all your regular invoices are taken care of.